• Who We Are?

    NanoZeta Technologies is a world class provider of design, development, simulation, and measurement services for Analog, RF, Mixed Signal and Microwave components, subsystems and systems. The NanoZeta team combines a long standing experience and a unique combination of skills that has produced many successful and innovative designs.
  • NanoZeta's Vision

    • Meet every commitment with uncompromising integrity and a passion for excellence.
    • Make Continuous Improvement the cornerstone of all our activities.
    • Embrace the demanding challenges of our business environment head-on.
  • NanoZeta's Mission

    • Provide our customers with the best solution available
    • Provide our associates with the environment that fosters excellence and innovation
  • NanoZeta's Values

    • Team Work
    • Open and Honest Communication
    • Loyalty and Integrity
    • Respect for each other
  • Why NanoZeta Tech?

    The NanoZeta team combines a long standing experience and a uniquecombination of skills that has produced many successful and innovative designs.
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  • About NanoZeta Tech
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About Nanozeta Tech

Getting to know us better

Meeting difficult RFIC performance specifications with cost effective silicon solutions that achieve short time-to-market are the primary advantages NanoZeta delivers to its clients. NanoZeta’s extensive experience with proven designs, leveraged by its talented design team with numerous decades of cumulative Analog, RF and Systems Design experience, combine to make the NanoZeta team a top choice for high quality design of cost effective RFIC solutions. With its talented team of engineers and close links to high quality academic institutions, NanoZeta is committed to the pioneering of technological advances in Analog and RF device modeling, circuit design and system architectures. NanoZeta continuously invests in IP development to remain in the vanguard of the next generation, high frequency wireless product suppliers. Nanozeta’s agile team and flexible structure, provides the customer with unique advantages. The customer can use the team as an extension of his internal team and allocate resources in an optimal way in order to achieve his schedule and budget objectives. In this manner, NanoZeta can provide cost effective Design Services through Virtual Private Network (VPN) to meet specific customer needs.


Design expertise

Nanozeta's design expertise of complex analog devices encompasses abroad range of standards, including:

• 802.11a/b/g/h/j WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)802.11n and higher speed enhancement for wireless video applications

• WiMAX (802.16d/e), the MWBA (Mobile Wireless Broadband Access) standard

• UWB (Ultra Wide Band) for high data rate medical and imaging applications

• WHDMI (Wireless High Definition Interface) for wireless imaging applications

• USB (Universal Serial Bus) for connection, communication, and power supply between computers and electronic devices

• MIPI (Mobile Industry Processor Interface) for the mobile ecosystem including mobile-influenced industries

• MediaLB (Media Local Bus) for on-PCB or inter-chip communication

• DDRx (Double Data Rate) for interconnection, data transmission, communication


IC Technologies

• TSMC Foundries nanometer processes

• Global Foundries nanometer processes

• ST Microelectronics Deep Submicron processes

• down to 28nm, for CMOS/FDSOI

• down to 0.13um, for BiCMOS


Some of the Team's outstanding accomplishments:

NanoZeta’s team has successfully completed Design, Simulation and Characterization of RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave integrated circuits for 5GHz, 60GHz and 80 GHz transceivers and sub-blocks (i.e. LNAs mixers, VCOs).

NanoZeta’s team has successfully carried out the Design, Simulation and Characterization of Analog Integrated Circuits such as: Integer-N and Fractional-N PLLs, Delay-Locked Loops (DLLs), Bandgap References, Analog Front-Ends, Analog Basebands, as well as subblocks such as: Programmable Variable Gain Amplifiers, Filters, Continuous Time Linear Equalizers (CTLEs), SSTL and LVDS High Speed IOs, Operational Transconductance Amplifiers.

NanoZeta’s team has successfully completed Design, Development, Simulation and Characterization of Mixed Signal circuits for up to 5Gbit/s serial data communication interfaces such as: Equalizer - TX/RX, DFE (Decision Feedback Equalizer), CML Output driver, CML Buffer, Latch, MUX (Multiplexer Circuits), DFF (CML Based DFF), Phase Interpolator.

NanoZeta’s team has successfully completed in-lab projects for the measurement and characterization of analog, RF and microwave devices and systems.