Our Projects Some of the team's outstanding achievements:

NanoZeta’s team has successfully completed Design, Simulation and Characterization of RF, Microwave and Millimeter Wave integrated circuits for 5GHz, 60GHz and 80 GHz transceivers and sub-blocks (i.e. LNAs mixers, VCOs).



NanoZeta’s team has successfully completed in-lab projects for the measurement and characterization of analog, RF and microwave devices and systems.




The team has successfully delivered Integer-N, Fractional-N, deskewing PLLs, and Spread Spectrum Clock Generators to a number of top-tier semiconductor companies. Nanozeta's team has also developed a proprietary high level model for Phase Locked Loop optimization and accurate phase noise/jitter prediction.


NanoZeta’s team has successfully completed Design, Development, Simulation and Characterization of Mixed Signal circuits for 5Gbit/s serial data communication interfaces such as: Equalizer - TX/RX, DFE (Decision Feedback Equalizer), CML Output driver, CML Buffer, Latch, MUX (Multiplexer Circuits), DFF (CML Based DFF), Phase Interpolator.


NanoZeta’s team has successfully carried out the Design, Simulation and Characterization of Analog Integrated Circuits such as: Delay-Locked Loops (DLLs), Bandgap References, Analog Front-Ends, Analog Basebands, as well as subblocks such as: Programmable Variable Gain Amplifiers, Filters, Continuous Time Linear Equalizers (CTLEs), SSTL and LVDS High Speed IΟs, Operational Transconductance Amplifiers.

This is what the Analog Design Manager of a major Semiconductor Manufacturer says about NanoZetaTech

“We have outsourced Design and Validation work to NanoZetaTech since November 2015

NanoZetaTech was responsible for the following tasks:

·         Design and Layout of a low jitter baseband pll for system clock generation up to 350 MHz

·         A DRC and LVS clean block has been delivered, including design documentation.

·         The design was a combination of analog (schematics) and digital blocks (HDL).

·         Validation of the PLL. A report has been delivered with all the measurement results.

·         NanoZeta has proven to be a reliable partner for our organization and is very committed to deliver on time and with good quality

NanoZeta is very cooperative in finding optimal solutions in the interest of our organization and our customers and, if we have a resource shortage in the future, we are certainly considering to outsource new design activities to NanoZetaTech”